CyberKey vs Alternatives

Hard Disk Cloud Store USB Drive 2-Fact Auth CyberKey
Local Encryption
Local Keys
Simple to Use
Long Keys for Encryption (not just Access)
Automatic Encryption Deployment
Auto Recover from Forgotten PIN/Password
Protection against Data Loss
Proven Open Source Encryption

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Hard Disk Encryption

For sensitive information stored on a hard disk, TrueCrypt offers some of the best protection available. Your information is encrypted by your machine, using a password or passphrase that you choose. You can configure TrueCrypt to store your information on a cloud-synchronized drive for good disaster recovery and backup. CyberKey builds on TrueCrypt capabilities, making it simple enough to use every time, and provides a good method for automating the use of long random encryption keys, and dealing with forgotten passwords.

Cloud Storage

When sensitive information is stored directly in the cloud, with or without the two-factor authentication offered by Google and Dropbox, your information is vulnerable to theft by rogue employees, thieves and hackers who penetrate the cloud's access control system, and governments that sieze data.

USB Flash Drive

There are several interesting alternatives for storing sensitive data on a USB flash drive. However, this approach is vulnerable to data loss when the key is lost, and because the key contains the sensitive data - typically protected by a memorable password - the data can likely be accessed by a determined thief. Thinking about a BioMetric Flash Drive? It's very difficult to build a flash drive that reliably destroys its data when tampered with. BioMetric drives are great for preventing simple efforts at copying data, but protection from a determined thief is better accomplished using long, random encryption keys.


CyberKey software automates the use of multifactor encryption keys, and provides a simple way to deal with forgotten PINs and lost Keys. The proven, open source encryption it enables through TrueCrypt is strong enough to allow safe storage of sensitive data in the cloud.

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