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CyberKey Free CyberKey Premium
Unlimited Installs
Unlimited Master Keys
Max Vault Size (MB) 10 4000
Max Vaults per Key 1 12
Price Free 19.99 or 0.15 per Premium Personal Key

Free Download

Free Download Try CyberKey Free - no spam, no registration - and you can upgrade anytime to access additional secure storage. Using CyberKey requires two of your USB Flash Drives.
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CyberKey Free

The free version of CyberKey is fully functional, and good for the life of your keys. It allows you to create a single triple-encrypted 10MB Data Vault, and make unlimited Master Keys and Personal Keys for that one vault.

CyberKey Premium

CyberKey Premium allows you to create larger Data Vaults with the ability to secure up to 4GB of sensitive information each. You can also configure CyberKey Premium Personal Keys to open any number of Wallets or Data Vaults up to 12 simultaneous vaults. You can make unlimited Master Keys, and Free Personal Keys to open your original 10MB Vault. CyberKey charges for each Premium Personal Key you make.
CyberKey Free and CyberKey Premium install the same software on your computers. The difference is in the Personal Keys you choose to make. You can upgrade a Free Personal Key at any time to a Premium Personal Key with an in-app purchase using Bitcoin, credit card, or PayPal account.

Free Download

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