Want to fight password-hacking, security breaches, data seizures, and secret backdoors?

Have valuable information on your computer?

If so, CyberKey could be right for you. Today, passwords don't stand a chance against the technology being used to monitor and steal your valuable information. CyberKey software running on your computer makes it easy to carry a Personal Encryption Key along with your house and car keys. Unlike a typical password, this encryption key cannot be guessed. Even if all the computing power on the planet is harnessed to hack your key.

Retake Control with CyberKey


With CyberKey, your computer generates supercomputer-defeating 512-bit passcodes. No one but you ever has the keys.
Personal Encryption


Insert your Personal Key to access your vault: Move valuable information into the vault, just like any other folder. Remove your key, and the vault is completely inaccessable. Make replacement keys anytime with your Master Key.
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CyberKey automates time-tested, redundant encryption algorithms. If some agency has secretly broken one of the codes, your information is still protected.
Tech Behind CyberKey

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Free Download Try CyberKey Free - no spam, no registration - and you can upgrade anytime to access additional secure storage. Using CyberKey requires two of your USB Flash Drives.
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